Happy Anniversary Gifts Cube&Clover
Happy Anniversary Gifts Cube&Clover

Wood Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate 5 Years Of Marriage

It’s always the thought that counts, but if you are following tradition wood is the gift to give to celebrate 5 years of marriage. Here are a few beautiful and timeless ideas to consider.

1. Teak And Maple Wood Charcuterie Boards

Teak and maple are both stunning, durable, and water-resistant. They can be used for everything from furniture to flooring, cabinets, and home décor. We like these mixed wood charcuterie boards because they highlight the beauty of both wood grains. The design is elegant enough to use only for special occasions, but durable enough to use as a cutting board.

2. Modern Rustic Wood Gifts

If the couple you are buying for are fans of modern rustic home décor, it’s the perfect gift. Your options are endless, including custom-made and ready-made gifts.

We like these wooden wall clocks. They come in a variety of sizes, different colors and stains, and with mixed materials to make them pop. The wood gives them a rustic feel while the finishing and design are modern.

3. A Tree

A tree is a gift that will live for generations to come. You may need some input from your partner or the couple you are buying for to get it right. Their input can help you decide between a flowering tree, a tree with gorgeous leaves, a tree with needles, or a fruit tree. If in doubt, you could purchase a gift certificate to a local nursery.

4. A Personalized Wood Gift

There are countless ways to personalize your anniversary gift. For example, you could order the charcuterie boards mentioned above and have a local woodworker inscribe them with a special message.

Here are a few other options to consider:

Have a gift custom-made by a local artist.
Select a monogrammed gift.
Order a customizable gift from Etsy or other online artists.

5. Handcrafted Wood Coasters

If you are looking for an inexpensive but elegant wood anniversary gift, consider handcrafted wood coasters. Everyone needs coasters, but most coasters are eyesores. However, these are both elegant and functional. They are intricately carved and made from an absorbent walnut that will protect the furniture they are set on.

Check back to Cube and Clover soon for more gift ideas!

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