Rustic Design

Understanding The Modern Rustic Design Trend

As beautiful as both minimalistic and contemporary interior designs may be, they often compromise comfort for style. On the flip side, farmhouse and country-inspired interiors often compromise style for comfort. This is one of the many reasons that modern rustic design is currently so popular.

What Is Modern Rustic?
Ask 5 different designers and you may get 5 different answers. What all the answers will have in common is the blending of natural elements such as wood with mixed mediums such as metal. Also, incorporating multiple textures into the overall design.

For example, many modern rustic wall clocks highlight the natural grain and beauty of wood. However, the frame, numbers, and hands of the clock offer contrast with a pop of color or a mixed medium.

Are All Modern Rustic Pieces Wood?
Nope! Make no mistake, wood is a natural work of art and an essential design element in modern rustic design. In addition to unpainted, raw, and stained woods incorporate other natural elements.

This includes:

  • Plants
  • Woven baskets
  • Real and faux furs
  • Indoor water features
  • Exposed brick
  • Stonework
  • Wool and natural textiles
  • Nature-inspired wall art
  • And more!

How Can I Tell If A Piece Is Rustic Or Modern Rustic?
Most modern rustic pieces contain mixed mediums. For example, a faux fur chair with an iron frame. However, your interior may include pieces that are completely modern or completely rustic. Focus less on the individual pieces and more on the overall interior design.

For example:

You may choose a contemporary couch and add textured pillows for a rustic vibe.
Your light fixtures may be modern with metal frames and exposed bulbs.
Your coffee table or kitchen table may be made entirely from reclaimed wood.

Looking For Modern Rustic Home Accessories?

Cube and Clover has home décor and essential accessories that can be mixed and matched into a variety of design aesthetics. From rustic wall clocks to handcrafted coasters, elegant cutting boards, and countless home accessories.

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