Dark Walnut 12" Round Brown Wall Clock
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OCWC048DW Brown Wood Wall Clock
Dark Walnut Wooden Wall Clock 12"

Dark Walnut 12″ Round Wall Clock Brown Smooth Glossy Finish

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12” Deep Walnut Stain Wooden Clock with White Numbers and Hour Marks | Clock for Living Room, Kitchen or Office | Rustic Modern Wall Clock

Material                  Wood
Shape                      Round
Mounting Type     Wall Mount
Brand                      Orbit Clocks
Color                       Brown
Finish                     Glossy
Clock Movement – Super Silent

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A high gloss finish combines with a dark brown stain to create a minimalistic clock that with an interesting sense of sophistication! At 12 inches round, it packs a walloping punch of designer style! Expect it to command the kind of attention large clocks do. The creamy ivory hands, numbers and hour markers add a simple elegant tone, resonating with the refined aesthetic.

Dark Walnut Orbit Round Wood Wall Clock | Ideal for Home, Living Room, Indoor Use

Mounting Type – Keyhole |  Light Weight and Easy to Install

About this item

  • Material: 100% Solid Natural Wood. Super Smooth Finish with Fabulous Wood Grain Patterns. Environment-Friendly Material. 3D Effect hanging clock- Easy to ready from every corner of your home, for living room décor. Its attractive and extremely pleasing across viewing angle of the room.
  • SILENT – Sweep super silent wall clock mechanism. Has high quality sweeping movement-non ticking. Provides absolute silent environment throughout day and night. Its made of Wood and does not have plastic. It does not have poly stickers or vinyl prints. It is safe and eco friendly. Wall clock for bedroom, kitchen clock, wall clock for living room decor.
  • Cleanly cut Figures and Numbers in Wood. Easy to use. Carefully crafted and designed specifically for living rooms, Kitchen walls. Its a perfect choice for Christmas gift, children’s day gift, bridal gift, anniversary gift, mothers day gift, fathers day gift, birthday present, holiday gift etc. A beautiful wall clock to share with friends and family, your loved ones.
  • Size: 30cm x 30cm x 4.5cm (12 Inches, 1 Feet) Round shape. No Glass Cover. Equipped with accurate timekeeping. It runs on Standard Battery 1-AA type (Battery not included). No harmful dyes or chemicals used. Special packaging.
  • AFTER SALES SERVICE – One year warranty and 30-day policy of free return and exchange. If you have any questions about this item, please contact us & we will help you.

For bedrooms and offices, living rooms and kitchens, this versatile clock will always have a place in your home and heart! Buy it today so it can grace your home with elegance with a bit of down home spirit.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions13 × 12.5 × 2 in

12 Inches Diameter Round Handcrafted Wooden Wall Clock.
Gross Weight – 1 lb. Package Weight 1.9 lbs.


1 pc of Wall Clock and 1 pair of extra needles with a hook to fix on wall.


It runs on Standard Battery 1-AA type (Battery not included).


Yes. Easy to Hang: Only single one screw / nail is needed to hang the wall clock.
You get the exact product that you see in the product video.


Yes. No Plastic sticker, No Vinyl Print. Complete product is crafted manually from wood.


Meaningful Gift: The crisp finish to this clock features is sure to catch the eyes of your family and friends. It’s ideal as a gift for housewarming, weddings or other special occasions.
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25 reviews for Dark Walnut 12″ Round Wall Clock Brown Smooth Glossy Finish

  1. Lisagat

    Sometimes, when I wake up late at night, and try to get back to sleep, it’s been annoying to hear the tick-tock coming from my old bedroom wall clock, so I’ve been wanting a silent sweep-hand clock for a while. This one, at 12 inches in diameter is a little larger than my old clock, but I really like that it’s made from real wood – (solid, but lightweight) and has a nice finish. I just put in the necessary 1 AA battery (not included) and really like that it is completely silent. The second hand is a smooth sweeping movement as opposed to the tick-tick-ticking of stuttering second hand, which, IMO is much more pleasing and accurate (since time doesn’t stand still once every second). Very happy with this clock.

    Image #1 from Lisagat
    Image #2 from Lisagat
    Video #1 from Lisagat
  2. Doggymcnuggets

    Handsome and High Readability – I’m really happy with this clock. Our old one didn’t have numbers or markers, making it tougher to read at a glance. This one is a bit bigger and has large easy-to-see and read markings. It’s perfect for out large great room and is very visible from anywhere in the room. The clock feels well-made and came very well packaged and protected. The movement is silent and so far very accurate. The wood finish is very handsome and has a little bit of glossy sheen – not ove the top but subtle and visible in the right lighting. Good looks, easy readability, and solid build make this a winner.

    Image #1 from Doggymcnuggets
    Image #2 from Doggymcnuggets
  3. blackbutte

    Very minimalistic and simple wall clock design that runs on a single AA battery. most of your furniture in our family room and dining room are wood with a bit of dark natural wood finish. this clock blends in perfectly.
    I like that the numbers on this clock are large enough to see the time even from 20-30 feet away.
    the seconds hand flows continuously per second. there is not a sound coming from this clock unlike our other quartz wall clocks that makes that ticking sound every second.
    Great good looking wall clock!

    Image #1 from blackbutte
  4. ykamenet

    Nice looking clock for the most part. Requires non-lithium battery, not “100% solid natural wood”.

    Overall it is a nice clock and if it fits your decor (like it fits mine) you won’t be disappointed most likely. It is quiet as advertised and does have a nice finish for the most part. There are couple of issues I wanted to point out:

    – It is advertised as 100% solid natural wood. I am not sure if the front of the watch is 100% wood but I can definitely tell that the side (i.e. perimeter) is most definitely wood veneer (i.e. wood looking tape). You can see on one of the pictures I attached where the tape end is. Maybe that’s because otherwise the edge would not have a nice finish… but I am not sure if the front is actual wood or veneer as well.

    – Mine had a small but noticeable flaw in front that looks like a scratch as shown on the picture. It is handcrafted so some imperfections may be expected, but to me it looks like handling issue rather then manufacturing imperfection.

    – In the “About tis item” section it is stated that “It runs on Standard Battery 1-AA type (Battery not included)”, yet in the product description lower on the page it states “Use Zinc Carbon Batteries only”. It is also noted in the instructions that came with the watch. I am sure all the batteries you have in your house are alkaline since those are the most common ones. I had to order zinc carbon batteries just for this watch. Also, it is not written anywhere on the back of the watch itself and nobody will look at the instructions sheet a year later when it is time to replace the battery, so I am sure people will put regular alkaline batteries in these watch eventually. If the watch requires non-common battery type, it would be nice to include one as a starter and label the back of the watch so that people remember to do it in the future.

    On a positive side, I really liked the “ninja star” mount that came with the watch. Very easy to mark the position: push all nails all the way in, put the plastic connector on the back of the watch, position them the wall where you want to mount, lightly press on them, and you will get 4 marks from the nails at that position. Then just remove the mount from the watch, push the nails back in, put it on the marked position, and hammer the nails in. Very easy and nothing to measure – great mounting option.

    The watch are very quiet as advertised, you don’t hear any ticking sound since the handle movement is smooth. Overall I am happy with the watch and they fit very nicely above my pool table rack. I am rating it 4 stars due to a few issues that I noted.

    Image #1 from ykamenet
    Image #2 from ykamenet
    Image #3 from ykamenet
    Image #4 from ykamenet
    Image #5 from ykamenet
    Image #6 from ykamenet
    Image #7 from ykamenet
  5. SKidwell

    This clock was just what I needed in my living room to dress up an odd corner. Matches the decor perfectly, looks great, and tells time without issue. Overall recommended. Fantastic clock!!

  6. CAROL C.

    A product that works came damaged
    Hands fell off

  7. Kris Gandillon

    The perfect wall clock for our bathroom. Our purpose was to manage our time in the shower better as we tend to linger longer than we should! Chose this clock because the dark wood finish matches other bathroom shelf items be bought from other vendors.

    Image #1 from Kris Gandillon
  8. Blaine Kirk

    Elegant, neat, and beautiful. Got this for my daughter and she super likes it.

  9. Daydreamer

    This clock is so beautiful! I love the contrast of the dark and light wood and the simple design. The base of the clock is a polished wood that has a sheen to it and the mechanism is whisper quiet. The second hand moves in a smooth motion and it keeps time great. It’s beautifully crafted and immediately catches the eye.

    Image #1 from Daydreamer
    Image #2 from Daydreamer
    Image #3 from Daydreamer
    Video #1 from Daydreamer
  10. C&C Customer

    Simple & Silent – I needed a wall clock for my kitchen that kept accurate time, was quiet, and didn’t cost a fortune. I found it! This clock matches my dark wood cabinets and stands out nicely against my creamy-yellow walls. I can’t say it’s the highest quality piece available (the hands can be bent easily if you’re not careful), but it serves my needs perfectly.

  11. Andrew

    Nice, but not solid.
    It’s a veneer not solid wood. A little glossier finished then I would have liked. Still looks good tho and very clear to read. I can hear it at night still. Much quicker than normal clocks as it does many smaller ticks per second.

  12. Miriam E. Salcedo

    Good solid clock
    This clock looks very nice. I like the varnish on it. Gives accurate time. Easy to hang up and set up. Recommend!

    Image #1 from Miriam E. Salcedo
  13. Allen J. Sims

    Performs as advertised – I had a nice wall clock before this, but the constant ticking became incredibly annoying. This clock is silent and stylish which is everything I hoped for

    Image #1 from Allen J. Sims
  14. John W. Graham

    This clock from Orbit has a simple dark walnut wood grain look with numeric markers at 12,3,6,9.
    The second hand is sweeping, not ticking.
    It is silent and the body is made entirely of wood.
    It comes with a small hanging bracket.
    I’m satisfied with the quality, aesthetics and performance of this clock.

  15. EJB

    Beautiful Clock – This clock is beautiful! Love the big numbers on it. Holds time well. We replaced a small wall clock with this one and are so happy we did.

    Image #1 from EJB
  16. Andras I Watzker

    perfect fit I’m delighted to find this Orbit Dark Walnut wall Clock that fits perfectly in my lobby with its color, material, and style. The assembly was easy, and it operated perfectly and silently.

    Image #1 from Andras I Watzker
    Image #2 from Andras I Watzker
    Image #3 from Andras I Watzker
    Image #4 from Andras I Watzker
    Image #5 from Andras I Watzker
    Image #6 from Andras I Watzker
  17. funbear

    nice clock
    if you like walnut, you will love this clock…deep dark walnut with a nice finish
    numbers contrast nice on the wood, the hands are easy to read…
    small, 12″ so not for huge spaces… .just right for small living area
    very quiet as well, hard to find a flaw here… recommended!

  18. Kerrib12

    Great Design – Love the way this looks in my home. This clock is a nice size and I love the simple design. It looks great in my kitchen with my wood cabinets. It is very nice and easy to read. The clock is made with quality materials. It is also pretty light weight.

  19. sanoe.net

    Looks great and easy to read
    This is a great wall clock. The contrast of the wood veneer and the lighter number and clock hand make this clock very easy to read even when the room darkens. It also looks great on the wall. It is the right size for the room that it is in. It doesn’t clash with the decor. It does seem to have a “higher than we are used to” price point, but it seems worth and overall, we are very pleased with this product.

  20. Bill Cashell

    Beautiful and Easy to Read – A Touch of Class for Any Room
    We have tried several wall clocks, looking for one that looks good and is also easy to read. I probably should have made being easy to read as a top priority. We have a couple of cute ones that sit in our closet because they looked nice in the pictures was were hard to read on the wall. We tried one in our bedroom but it was a bit noisy in the still of the night.

    This one keeps perfect time and is easy to read with no glare or distractions. It is really beautiful with the solid wood look and the gold numbers. It is especially nice for an office or a room with a lot of darker wood. It will add a touch of class to any room and it is nice and quiet in case you want to put it in your bedroom.

  21. Candace Mike N Elmo

    My dad moved into an assisted living/retirement home. He wanted a new clock that went with his decor. Nice looking but was big enough and easy enough for his eyes to see.

    This worked out better than I expected.

    It is on the larger size for wall clocks. But for him that’s a good thing. The woodgrain looks really nice. And the color of the hands and numbers are the perfect contrast to be seen across the room even in low light.

    Runs off of a single AA batteries so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in. And so far it’s keeping time accurately.

    Very affordable nice looking clock that works well.

  22. skywatcher

    Beautiful addition to the space
    This clock is a beautiful addition to our common space at work. It helps keep us on time. The clock runs smoothly and quietly. It comes with a bit to attach to the wall. With a hammer, it was up in no time. The battery is also easy to open for replacements. The clock face is very easy to read even from a distance.

  23. DaveSincere

    Love this clock.. Classy, elegant yet modern looking
    5/5 Rating

    Looks great
    Arrived fast
    Classy yet modern
    Elegant looking


    This clock is a great addition to our kitchen. We’ve had our old clock for over 25 years, this was a much needed upgrade. It’s super easy to operate, install battery, set time and you’re good to go. It will jazz up any area.

  24. Cameron

    Beautiful and useful –
    This is more than your average clock. Sure it functions great with an accurate time keeper with a smooth seconds arm. But it also has a beautiful design with warm and natural woods. The letters are clear to read as well. Definitely a winner. Recommend!

  25. AJ

    Silent and well made
    This clock arrived quickly and was well protected in transit. It’s exactly as pictured and described: it’s well made, easy to read, and works well. It’s silent and exactly what I needed!

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